Our complete collection of upcycled jewellery is composed of unique pieces & small limited series of necklaces or long necklaces, earrings, bracelets & forged jewellery of rings and bracelets. If you Wish to know more about a specific piece or acquire a piece of the collection please, feel free to contact us by mail at contact@tabitojewelry.com

Upcycled necklaces


  A collection of necklaces and long necklace, all unique pieces or small limited series made from antique & vintage objects, pieces of jewellery or newer items that no longer serve their purpose.  We used objects and parts coming from many origines such as lipstick cases, ball pens, binocular parts & lenses, fur scarfs, finger caps, different containers & small casses, parts coming from sewing machines, typewriters, clockworks, rosaries, compass, cutlery ...  All those objects upcycled into pendants and beads are mounted on chains originaly coming from vintage jewellery to antique pocket watch chains or new brass chains.


Unique pieces


  A collection of rare & unique pieces composed with different antique or vintage objects and jewellery.



 A collection of necklaces & long necklaces composed with upcycled pendant originating from antique Art Nouveau jewellery.

Small brass container COLLECTION


 A collection of long necklaces & necklaces composed with vintage or antique small brass containers 

original used to carry compas leads, sewing needles or saints statutes. 

Deco collection


 A collection composed with different brass parts originating from interior

decorative parts belonging to curtain hooks, cupboard knobs & keys.  

steel & chromed unique COLLECTION


 A collection of unique pieces composed with vintage & antique chrome brass or steel objects

with different parts from pocket watch chains and steel chains.

Shuttles collection


A collection composed with steel shuttles originating from old sewing machine’s dating of before 1930 & brass decorative screws

 from old  fixing bars for stairs mats. Some pendants carry a little glass flask that were originaly used to contain tiny clock work parts. 



 A collection of unique pieces composed with Ermine fur upcycled from vintage scarfs & cutlery parts or cigarette holders.



 A collection of unique pieces composed with rare steel vintage sewing machine parts & scull bone head with

stone or silver beads.The bone head pendant can be remooved from the chain and placed any were on the chain. 



 A collection composed with vintage & antique «  lorgnon » in steel or brass. 

 The «  lorgnon «  or spectacles are functional.  



 A collection composed with vintage or antique sugar bass spoon parts & cultural pearls.

Cutlery collection


 A collection composed with vintage parts and antique cutlery parts originating from tea or salt spoons, forks or handles.

Glass flask collection


 A collection of necklaces & long necklaces composed with vintage perfume flask's or flask that were carrying flints for petrol lighters.

Salt cellars


A small collection a necklaces were the salt cellar is used as a " garden pendant ".

The antique glass or Christal salt cellar contain lichen which need air, moist & light to live. 

Japanese collection 


A collection of unique pieces composed with different antique and vintage object from Japan. 



A collection of unique pieces composed with different vintage & antique theater binoculars.

The lenses are upcycled in pendant that work very well as magnifying glass.



 A collection of upcycled containers necklaces and long necklaces composed with different vintage or antique theater binoculars parts & brass decorative screws originating from vintage clockworks, old fixing bars for stairs mats, vintage or antique keys. The bigger upcycled containers in this collection are carrying a little glass flask that was originally used to contain tiny clock work parts or flirts for lighters. 

Scissors handels  collection


A collection of necklaces made with vintage or antique steel scissors handle pendant on which a naturally black patina based on green tea has been applied at the forge.

Daily objects collection


A series of long necklaces & necklaces composed with brass chains, vintage rosary glass beads & a "daylight object" in brass. 



A collection of limited small series necklaces & long necklaces all in brass made with vintage or antique objects upcycled into pendant.

Earrings Collection


  A collection of earrings upcycled from antique & vintage brass and steel parts originating  from old glass chandelier

 " penpilles ", plate numbers, fisherman hooks & weights, electric sockets, clockwork gearing....  


Forged bracelets  



  Forged bracelets collection based on different upcycled steels of interest, such as : the steel from antique Japanese samurai swords, steel axels from vintage Remington adding machine  from 40's, an old Remington Rand type writer steel rode with numbers from 1939, different antique and vintage sewing machine's steel . Each bracelets lock is made with specific screws from antique and vintage  sewing machines. Read about the making : http://laforgedemousty.blogspot.com   Finished with a natural black patina based on green tea and bee's waxed. The bracelets can be worn at all time, but should be well dried after getting in touch with water. The black patina will slowly fade away with time, the edge of the rivet and locking screw will get shiny due to the daily use, all this will add to the patina of the bracelet. Each piece in this collection is rare and unique, they come with a notice typed the old fashion Remington typewriter informing the origin, date , serial number and  number of  bracelets that have been made from the steel used. A jewel filled with history, that will last a lifetime and beyond...




  Series of  upcycled ring forged out of steel nails from old palettes. For this collection ring nails have been chosen to take  advantage of the motif the nail create when it is turned into a ring. The ring comes out matte black due to a an ancient Japanese natural patina technique based on green tea. The rings are then being waxed. They can be worn at all time and can get in touch with water is well dried after. The black patina will slowly fade away with time due to the daily use, all this will add to the patina of the ring. The come any size.